First foal of spring born to Outer Banks’ wild horses

The first foal of the season was born this week to the wild mustangs of the northern Outer Banks. [Photo courtesy Corolla Wild Horse Fund]

The storied wild mustangs of the Currituck Outer Banks have a new addition. The first foal of the season, born Sunday or Monday, has been spotted romping the beach with mom.

Meg Puckett, herd manager for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, said she thinks the baby’s a boy, but hasn’t had the chance to get close enough to confirm just yet.

Whatever the foal’s gender, he or she appears to be happy and healthy. He’s nursing, running with his mom and appears to be “in wonderful condition.”

“They’re doing exactly what a baby and mama horse should be doing,” Puckett said.

She hopes to get a closer look and more photos later this week, and plans a “pretty cool name announcement” very soon.

Between four and six foals are born to the wild horses each year, with the population managed through a humane non-hormonal contraceptive, Puckett said. The CWHF manages the herd of about 100 wild mustangs roaming the four-wheel-drive beaches and a rescue farm of about 17 horses.

Seeing babies born to the wild mustangs never gets old, Puckett said, admitting she got teary-eyed when she first learned of the new foal.

The early days of the newborn’s life are precarious, though, and the CWHF asks folks to give mom and baby “lots of room if you’re lucky enough to see them.”

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