First American Oystercatcher nests of the season spotted across the OBX

American Oystercatcher. (Courtesy

Cape Hatteras National Seashore has announced that the first American Oystercatcher nests of the season were found this week in all three districts.

Bodie Island was first, with an egg being found on April 11, Hatteras Island was second, with an egg spotted on April 13, and Ocracoke Island was the most recent with an egg discovered on Sunday.

American Oystercatchers are typically monogamous birds, meaning they only mate with one other bird. Both the Bodie Island and Hatteras Island nests are from returning/historical pairs that are all banded. The Ocracoke pair are both unbanded, but there’s been multiple nests in previous years from an unbanded pair in that area, so it’s assumed they are returning too.

The Seashore asks that you please respect the protection areas as we share the beach with feathered friends that call it home.