Emergency calls keeping Coast Guard busy off the Outer Banks

Good samaritan vessels helped the crew of a boat in distress off Oregon Inlet Wednesday. [USCG photo]

Coast Guard crews have had a busy couple days along the Outer Banks, first with a vessel in distress and next aiding a man with chest pains 12 miles offshore.

Coast Guard Station Oregon Inlet got a radio call Wednesday afternoon for a vessel in need of assistance about 33 nautical miles offshore. The “Escape” was also experiencing VHF limitations and unable to hail Coast Guard help.

Coast Guard crews helping a vessel in distress near Oregon Inlet. [Courtesy USCG Station Oregon Inlet]
“Upon making preparations to get underway, the reporting vessel, ‘Skilly Gal’ informed us that a good samaritan vessel, ‘Carolina Girl,’ had volunteered to tow the Escape closer to the inlet so that we may rendezvous with them and take over,” Station Oregon Inlet wrote in a Facebook post.

Another good samaritan vessel, “Fin Planner” shared the tow with Carolina Girl and towed the Escape until we met up to bring them back the rest of the way and through the bar.

Once arriving at the fishing center, crews placed them into an alongside tow and safely moored the vessel.

“A big shoutout to Skilly Gal, Carolina Girl, and Fin Planner for your involvement and selfless acts!” the Coast Guard said. “You are examples of our great boating community.”

Coast Guard crews were called out again Thursday, receiving a report of a 32-year-old man suffering chest pains 12 miles east of Oregon Inlet. The Coast Guard launched a 47-foot Motor Lifeboat crew from Coast Guard Station Oregon Inlet to respond with Dare County Emergency Medical Services aboard.

Once on-scene, the crew transferred the man aboard the lifeboat and transported him to an awaiting ambulance at Coast Guard Station Oregon Inlet.

Coast Guard crews aid a man suffering chest pains off Oregon Inlet. [Photo courtesy USCG]
“The sea is an unforgiving place for an emergency, so be prepared for one,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Jared Stanton, a search and rescue watchstander at Coast Guard Sector North Carolina. “Always bring a working radio, wear a life jacket and tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back.”

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