Dominion installing guards after wild horse dies in guy-wire accident

Rosie with her mother earlier this year. [Photo courtesy CWHF]

After a weekend accident that claimed the life of a Corolla wild horse, Dominion Power crews were out Monday to try and prevent it from happening again.

Early Saturday, the mother to the second foal born this year, was killed instantly after running head-first into a bare guidewire.

Power company workers have since installed a guard on the wire, and plan to place the plastic covers on any other wires they find unprotected in the four-wheel drive area of the Currituck Banks where the wild horses roam freely.

Meanwhile, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund says her daughter Rosie is doing fine.

“She’s been spotted with her family a couple times over the past two days, and has been seen eating and drinking,” the CWHF said in a Facebook post. “Thanks to everyone who has been asking about her, and expressing their care and concern.

“We will continue to keep you posted on her transition; the mares in her harem continue to take very good care of her.”

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