Debris clean-up underway in Manteo following Friday flooding

Flood water cleanup underway this morning. [Courtesy Town of Manteo]

Crews braced the bitter cold early this morning and ventured out to clean up debris from yesterday’s floodwaters in Downtown Manteo. Most of the flood waters have subsided, but a few roads remain closed.

The roadways that are currently closed include: Fernando Street (east of Highway 64), Agona Street (east of Highway 64), and Queen Elizabeth Avenue (from Fernando Street to Sir Walter Raleigh Street).
An image captured on Friday, December 23, of flood waters. [Courtesy Town of Manteo]

Increasing water levels were observed this morning on Queen Elizabeth Avenue, which is a great reminder as to how quickly conditions can change. As conditions change, road closures are also subject to change.

REMEMBER: Do not drive on water-covered roads or beyond a barricade. Entering a flooded area risks your life and the lives of the people that may be sent to rescue you. If you come upon a flooded street, remember to turn around, don’t drown.

The Town of Manteo has an ordinance that prohibits driving in flooded streets. Violation of this ordinance carries a $250 fine.