Dare County Register of Deeds reminds citizens of free fraud detection service

The Dare County Register of Deeds has issued a notice reminding citizens that the department offers a free 24/7 fraud detection notification system for Dare County residents and property owners.

The purpose of this service is to provide citizens with email notifications when a document is recorded within the Register of Deeds office that matches the name of an individual who has submitted the proper documentation requesting that their name be monitored for potential fraud.

This service was implemented in order to protect Dare County residents and property owners from potential property and mortgage fraud, which can be utilized by someone who is attempting to illegally acquire a property.

To sign up for the free fraud detection service and begin receiving email notifications, please click here to visit a secure website where you will be asked to enter your name and email address, as well as one or more names that you’d like to have monitored for possible fraud.

Subscribers will have the opportunity to submit one primary “watch name” into the system to be monitored by the free service, as well as four additional watch names per account. If a document is recorded in Dare County using one of the specified watch names, users will be automatically alerted of the possible fraudulent recordings via the email address provided upon registration for the service.

For more information about the free fraud detection service that is provided by the Dare County Register of Deeds office, please call 252-475-5970 or click the button below to sign up.