Currituck finishes up fencing intended to keep wild horses on 4×4 beaches

A black stallion and three mares who kept "visiting" the construction site of the Maritime Museum project in Corolla are now safely enjoying the beach. [Currituck County photo]

Currituck County has completed its portion of the oceanfront fencing intended to keep Corolla’s wild horses in the four-wheel drive area.

“This should help keep the horses safe and away from the paved roads. Beach motorists should always remember to keep an eye out for the wild horses and use caution,” the county said in a Facebook post.

Last fall, some of the wild mustangs — as well as Raymond the mule — began passing through the dilapidated fencing and entering the paved roads and neighborhoods of Corolla.

Currituck County has finished construction of its fencing to keep the Corolla wild horses on the 4×4 beaches. [Currituck County photo]
In late September, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund was forced to remove Raymond the mule — the product of a free-range farm donkey and a wild mare — from the beach after walking on paved roads caused him lameness and pain endangering his life. Raymond now lives at the horse fund’s rescue farm.

Several attempts have been made to repair the fence extending into the ocean, one of them turning into a metal gill net, snagging a number of fish when the tide was up.

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