Currituck Education Foundation awards mini grants

Pictured are: Sara Linehan, Crystal Schultz, Kristin Joyner and Sharron Mohr. (Currituck Education Foundation/Submitted)

On October 17 at a virtual meeting of the Currituck Education Foundation, four projects supporting Currituck County Schools were awarded mini-grant funding. 

Sara Linehan of Currituck County High School was awarded a grant for the “New Art Room”  to purchase a large cutting board for the art rooms and 2 to 4 Dremel sets to be used by all art classes on various projects. The project topic is broad, but encompasses materials that will be used for years to come in the new art room, as well as by students in every art class. The students will be able to experiment with various recycled materials, and having the ability to use the Dremel and accessories that come with the sets would be a useful life skill for many students who do not have the opportunity at home to work with such tools.

Crystal Schultz of JP Knapp Early College High School was awarded a grant for “Surry Nuclear Power Plant Field Trip.” The Surry Nuclear Power Plant offers students a unique opportunity to witness the practical application of scientific principles they learn in the classroom. It provides a hands-on experience of how chemistry and physics are used in a high-tech industrial setting. Nuclear power is a key component of the clean energy landscape. By visiting Surry, students can gain insights into the environmental benefits and challenges associated with nuclear energy, fostering a well-rounded understanding of energy sources and sustainability. A Field Trip to the Surry Nuclear Power Plant is an invaluable educational experience for physical science and chemistry students. It bridges the gap between theory and real-world application, enhances safety awareness, and inspires future careers in science and technology while promoting a deeper understanding of energy and its environmental implications.

Kristin Joyner of Currituck County Middle School was awarded a grant for “Cartesian Coordinates Mats” to purchase three 60 inch square coordinate grid mats and supplies so that students are able to have hands-on experiences with these concepts. The North Carolina standards are clear that students should be able to use coordinate grids to problem solve in multiple ways including writing and solving equations, analyzing functions, and several areas of Geometry. For students who learn best through movement, these mats provide a tactile way to create visuals, shapes, and lines on a coordinate grid. These mats offer opportunities for students to work collaboratively through a variety of learning games that enhance basic skills or problem-based learning experiences to help deepen their understanding of math concepts. These mats can be used across all grades at Currituck County Middle School, so all students would have access to the tools.

Sharron Mohr of Central Elementary School was awarded a grant for “Raising Readers!” project where funds will be used to order books for the library to address needs in all areas for all students. The goal is split the money between the Pre-K to 2nd grade, and then 3rd-5th grade. It will also be split between fiction books and nonfiction books. We need high interest, up-to-date titles to help keep reading relevant and exciting for our student patrons! The collection of books in the library is out-of-date and these funds will help to jump start us on the right path by providing an opportunity to bring our library up-to-date to meet national and state collection standards, to serve our community with having the best books available, and to help our students fall in love with reading. We will showcase our new titles and help students find the best fit book for them. This project will reach our entire school of 265 students. The books will be enjoyed over and over again by multiple students for multiple years.

The Currituck Education Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that exists to support public education in Currituck County. For more information on how to be involved or to make a donation, please visit