Corolla Beach among the best in the nation for a “water vacation” with 17th bluest water in the U.S.


Demand for “best water vacations” has increased by 300% in the past year, with travelers looking for destinations near water to inspire their next road trip and find inner peace, as studies have shown that being close to water can make you happier, calmer, and more creative.

The HEX code of Corolla’s water, according to SIXT: #6AA0C6.

With this in mind, SIXT has color-picked and analyzed the most beautiful bodies of water across the nation to identify and rank the top 50+ bluest waterways in the U.S. to illustrate the colorful destinations the country has to offer.

According to, Corolla is shown to have the 17th bluest water in the United States, with a matching HEX color code of #6AA0C6. This positions the waters of Corolla among the bluest in the nation and the most ideal for a water-centric vacation.

Blue Hole, New Mexico, comes first as the bluest water in the nation. Located amid the desert like a great blue gem, this geological wonder is famous for its spring-fed blue water and is considered an iconic roadside attraction on Route 66.

Not too far behind are Chena Hot Springs, Alaska, and Las Olas Beach, Florida, with dazzling-blue bodies of water that allure travelers worldwide. Other richer blue shades can be found in the mystical waters of some of the country’s most beautiful lakes, ranking among the top 10, like Grand Lake, Colorado, Lake Conway, Florida, and Lake George, New York.

Waimea Bay and Lake Tahoe offer some of the lightest and coolest blues, while gorgeous green-blue hues can be found in Hana Bay, Emerald Cave, and Haulover Inlet.

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