College of the Albemarle’s ‘Creatures of Comfort’ art exhibition opens June 24 at Roanoke Island Festival Park

Featured artwork from COA’s “Creatures of Comfort” Art Exhibition [College of the Albemarle Photo]
Roanoke Island Festival Park will host the College of the Albemarle’s (COA) art exhibition, “Creatures of Comfort”, in its traveling exhibit space this summer. This free exhibit is open to the public Tuesday – Saturday from June 24 – September 24, 2022, in the Ticket Sales Gallery.

“Creatures of Comfort” is a representational body of artwork exhibiting each student’s individual work as well as a collaborative group installation. The exhibit was created by students in the Associate in Fine Arts Program under the direction of professor Christina Weisner at COA’s Dare campus.

As part of COA’s portfolio and resume class, each student was charged with displaying their most comfortable artwork, art beyond the course’s curriculum with freedom in medium, concept, and time allotted. While an emphasis with respect to these individual works is placed on the artist’s “comfort zone”, the collaborative group installation, as a contrast, challenges that notion – forcing one to step outside of their place of comfort. The defiance of one’s comfort, partneredwith the embrace of it is harmonized in this exhibition.

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