College of The Albemarle spotlights Sandra Krueger: Assistant Music Professor, Miles Clark Endowed Chair, and 2023 Teacher of the Year

Sandra Krueger. (College of The Albemarle)

College of The Albemarle (COA) is proud to spotlight Sandra Krueger, an emblem of excellence in education and the arts, celebrated as COA’s Teacher of the Year for 2023 and the appointed Miles Clark Endowed Chair. Sandra’s experiences from a part-time music appreciation teacher in 2015 to the drama teacher/director and now her current role demonstrates her profound dedication to her students, innovative teaching methods, and passion for the performing arts.

Stepping into her role as the Miles Clark Endowed Chair, Sandra embraced a new chapter in COA’s music department. The position, honoring the legacy of local philanthropist Miles Clark, aligns with Sandra’s vision of enhancing musical education and accessibility in Northeastern North Carolina. She is set to mentor, teach, and direct, expanding musical opportunities for COA students and our communities.

As an instructor and former COA Director of Drama, Sandra embodies the spirit of community college faculty – dedicated and passionate about shaping our students’ futures. She has led the production of six shows and five summer camps, including the notable ‘Adopt a Sailor’ project. However, her response to the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic truly showcased her adaptability and creative spirit. Sandra utilized Kreutinger puppets and the “Power of the Pivot” podcast to enhance her students’ learning experiences during this difficult time.

Sandra recently began a plant wave project, “Re:Sound,” an interdisciplinary endeavor bridging agribusiness, art, music, physics, and more. This initiative showcases her commitment to integrating the arts into other diverse educational fields. It reflects Sandra’s innovative approach to teaching, aiming to explore the interconnectedness of nature and the arts. Yes, plants make music, and Sandra is always excited to share this with others. She is working on an extension of this project, “Re:Sound Echo,” that features the plant waves from COA’s Fenwick-Hollowell Trail – creating music to enjoy as you walk along the boardwalk—the music of the many plants surrounding our beautiful trail.

In addition to her educational achievements, Sandra brings a rich professional opera and theater background to her role at COA. With a voice described as “particularly hearty and expressive,” Sandra has graced stages from Elizabeth City to opera houses across the country.

Sandra Krueger’s achievements and passion for fostering a collaborative educational environment supports COA’s commitment to excellence. Her story is a great example of the transformative power of dedicated educators who are also innovators in their fields. Join us in celebrating Sandra Krueger’s outstanding contributions to COA and her impact on the arts and education in our community.

“Music and the arts are not just subjects to be taught; they are mediums through which we can connect deeply with the world around us. The ‘Re:Sound’ project exemplifies this belief by uniting various disciplines to discover music in nature. As the Miles Clark Endowed Chair, I am honored to lead projects that broaden our students’ educational horizons and deepen our community’s appreciation for the arts.” – Sandra Krueger