Coastal Carolina Vacations introduces new sales department

The Coastal Carolina Real Estate Sales Team (L to R): Jessica Evans, Vanessa Watson, Connie Burke, Randy Nance, and Ashley Massey. [Submitted/CCR]

It takes a leap of faith for a business of any kind to implement a new feature, service, or department. It is a venture that requires tact, thorough consideration, and skillful planning to ensure its success. 

Local property management company Coastal Carolina Vacations has touched on all of these bases with the recent opening of their real estate sales department.

Founded by CEO and licensed broker Maggie Sexton in 2021, Coastal Carolina Vacations has kept the interest of people — both clientele and employees — at the forefront since day one. “She assembled, what I consider, an all-star team,” says company realtor, Randy Nance, who has been a colleague of Sexton’s for a span of over twenty years.

Using an established background in management, marketing, and finance pre-dating the department’s foundation as a backbone, Nance was responsible for creating the business plan for the sales department in conjunction with Sexton.

“We decided we were going to keep the team very small, we didn’t want to grow the sales side of things a lot,” Nance tells OBX Today. 

With their sights set on a few additional real estate agents they had been in close contact with through a previous position, Sexton and Nance completed their sales team at Coastal Carolina Vacations consisting of five people. “We work great together, we help each other out, there’s no competition, and that’s the way we want it to be.”

“I feel blessed that this team wanted to join Coastal Carolina to enhance what we already had from a rental standpoint and expand into the sales arena,” says Maggie Sexton.

Comprised of Nance himself, in addition to Vanessa Watson, Jessica Evans, Ashley Massey, and most recently Connie Burke, each of the members are rich in experience with well over twenty years under their belts and are acclimated to both the rental and sales side of the industry. “We all share the same way of operating with the way we treat our clients and how we conduct business,” he adds.

As for amenities, Coastal Carolina Vacations has an array to offer in the form of their rental and maintenance programs, pools and spas division, repairs, and house cleaning. “It is incumbent on all of us to help maintain our properties as best as can be. We take it upon ourselves to maintain, and maximize the potential resale if clients are interested down the road.”

When asked what makes their real estate department stand out from the rest on behalf of Coastal Carolina Vacations, Nance credits its passion and willingness to go the extra mile to maintain relationships following a sale. “I have clients I’ve known for over twenty years and have developed great friendships with. My wife and I will have dinner with them while they’re in town,” Randy explains.

“It’s all about building trust that’s been cultivated over the years and maintaining that asset.”

Coastal Carolina Vacations is located at 106 West Wood Hill Drive in Nags Head and can be reached at 866-938-7497, or