Coast Guard Station Hatteras Inlet assists disabled vessel off Cape Point

By Joy Crist, Island Free Press

On Thursday, December 9, crew members from the U.S. Coast Guard Station Hatteras Inlet responded to a report from a sailing vessel, “Island Hopper,” that water in their fuel was leading to engine failure.

The vessel was stranded approximately six miles northwest of Cape Point in Buxton, on the east side of Diamond Shoals. Thankfully, the wind was blowing the vessel away from the shoals, and into deeper waters.

The Station Hatteras Inlet crew got underway on the 47308 Motor Life Boat (MLB) at approximately 0120 and began a long trek to the last known position of the Island Hopper.

Once on scene, and after locating the vessel, the crew proceeded to put them in a stern tow. They then began a slow tow back towards Hatteras Inlet.

Once closer to the inlet, an additional 47’ MLB (47244) was dispatched to relieve the 47308. 47244 proceeded to take over the tow and brought the vessel back through Hatteras Inlet safely to Oden’s Dock at around 1740. No injuries were reported during the incident.