Cape Lookout celebrates new foal born around the time of hurricane

A new wild horse was born on Cape Lookout around the time of Dorian. [National Park Service photo]

Not only did the wild horses of Cape Lookout National Seashore weather Hurricane Dorian just fine, they added to their herd.

A new foal was born right around the time of the storm, the National Park Service reported Thursday, though rangers can’t say if it was right before, during or after.

“This close-up baby picture was taken with a telephoto lens — remember to stay at least 50 feet away from the horses, even more for a mare with a new foal,” the NPS said in a Facebook post. “Let them have time and space to bond — only take photos using a telephoto lens.”

Cape Lookout’s wild horses live on Shackleford Banks, the southernmost barrier island on the national seashore, in a herd of about 100 horses. They’re believed to come from similar genetic stock as the colonial Spanish mustangs of the northern Outer Banks beaches.

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