Cape Hatteras Lighthouse to receive temporary beacon this Thursday

Photo of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse’s lantern room and current beacon. (Courtesy NPS)
The contractor for the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse restoration project, Stone and Lime Historic Restoration Services (Stone & Lime Imports), plans to switch the lighthouse’s source of light from the current beacon to a temporary, fixed beacon the evening of Thursday, April 25. The temporary beacon will be visible for 18 miles and flash every 7.5 seconds.

Early next week, the U.S. Coast Guard plans to dissemble and remove the current beacon, which has provided light atop the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse for the past 52 years.

Near the end of the restoration project, a replica, rotating first-order Fresnel lens and LED light source will be installed and activated inside the lighthouse’s lantern room.

Photo of the U.S. Coast Guard approved temporary beacon attached to Cape Hatteras Lighthouse scaffolding. The beacon produces a brighter light than the current beacon. (Courtesy NPS)