Brandon Reed named Dare County Employee of the Month

Brandon Reed, who has served as a warehouse technician for the Dare County Public Works Department’s Fleet Maintenance Division since September 21, 2020, has been named Employee of the Month for July 2023.*

The award was presented to Reed by Dare County Public Works Director Shanna Fullmer during the Dare County Board of Commissioners meeting that was held at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, September 6, 2023.

“He has been with us for three years, and we knew we had made a good hire because he actually came in the week before he officially started to get a jump on learning the job,” Fullmer said as she began her presentation.

In his role as warehouse technician for the Dare County Public Works Department’s Fleet Maintenance Division, Reed is tasked with a wide array of responsibilities that are essential to keeping Dare County’s fleet of more than 700 vehicles well maintained and in exceptional working order.

These responsibilities include maintaining an inventory of warehouse materials and supplies; ordering supplies and materials and distributing them to county employees; maintaining documentation of all warehouse inventory transactions; performing inventory audits of all materials, parts and supplies; loading and unloading supplies; verifying delivered materials against packing lists and invoices; and maintaining a safety log on all chemicals within the warehouse, among many other duties.

“For those of you who don’t know the numbers, we take care of over 700 Dare County vehicles, including Sheriff’s Department cars, ambulances, trash trucks and any type of regular vehicle that is used by [county employees in various departments],” said Fullmer. “The warehouse is pretty extensive, and Brandon’s in there all by himself, and he handles all of it. His warehouse is impeccable, and he takes his job very seriously.”

Image of Shanna Fullmer and Brandon Reed standing at the podium in the Board of Commissioners meeting room.
Image of Dare County Public Works Director Shanna Fullmer presenting a framed certificate to Public Works Fleet Maintenance Warehouse Technician Brandon Reed.

As she continued her Employee of the Month presentation, Fullmer also praised Reed for his ongoing efforts during COVID-19 to ensure that all of the vehicles within Dare County’s fleet were properly maintained despite the many challenges that were presented by the pandemic.

“Brandon played a really key role during COVID because, as everybody knows, the supply chain was less than primo during COVID, and Brandon really worked at getting our parts here at the best cost possible in the best [amount of] time possible considering all of the hurdles,” said Fullmer, who also took a moment to reference a remark made during the invocation that was led at the beginning of the meeting.

“I really enjoyed what [Reverend Cherri Wheeler] said in the opening prayer about the Employee of the Month being the cream of the crop because I think that Brandon is the embodiment of the cream of the crop for Dare County, and we’re so blessed to have him in Public Works,” she said.

In addition to Fullmer, Reed also received praise from his colleagues, one of whom wrote the following in their Employee of the Month nomination form: “Brandon is the type of employee that Dare County Fleet Maintenance needs in order to run effectively and efficiently. His humble attitude is contagious, and it shows with his work ethic. He is a great asset to Dare County Fleet Maintenance. He’s always striving to do better, and that will only aid in his knowledge of the position.”

As she concluded her presentation and presented Reed with his Employee of the Month award, Fullmer commented, “He’s always willing to help the guys; he’s always available to help them. He’s described as somebody who’s easy to get along with and very eager to help. We’re just so happy that you’re part of our team, and we just want to thank you.”

*The July 2023 Dare County Employee of the Month award was presented at the Dare County Board of Commissioners’ September 2023 meeting due to the recipient being unable to attend the board’s meeting in July.