Bouncing back from the holidays; 3 ways to save in the new year

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With the busiest shopping season of the year now in the rearview mirror for another 365-day stretch, many individuals find themselves looking to rebuild their bank accounts after dishing out the dough for some of the hottest holiday items to nestle under their Christmas tree.

According to a recent survey conducted by (TopCashback), the USA’s most generous cash back site, 54% of Americans will be taking a break from shopping (for non-essentials) in the new year.

When asked how long the break will last, respondents say:

  • One to three months (58%)
  • Less than one month (25%)
  • Four to six months (11%)
  • Longer than six months (6%)

Whether you’re taking a shopping break or not, it’s important to know how to find the best deals at the store. Here are 3 tips to get the most bang for your buck from Rebecca Gramuglia, consumer expert at TopCashback:

  • Know the sale cycle. Stores typically follow the same calendar of sales each year, so take note of any sales for your favorite retailers and try to save your shopping trip until then (if you can). For example, Nordstrom hosts their “Anniversary Sale” event every year beginning in mid-July, and Sephora historically hosts their “Savings Event” once in the spring and once in the fall.
  • Shop end-of-season sales. As the holiday/winter season ends and spring approaches, you may find deals on seasonal items. For example, if you notice you’re in need of a new winter coat or boots, buy new ones once you see significant markdowns. That way, you’ll have brand-new winter gear for next year. And when it comes to clothing, basic items like tees and cardigans can still be worn well into the spring for layering as the temperature changes.
  • Layer on discounts. To get the best deals, look at all of your options to save. Join loyalty programs for retailers you often shop at to start accruing points in the new year, which can be saved up to use for future shopping (depending on the program). Subscribing to retailer emails may help you score special coupons and offers, too. Opt to use those discounts in conjunction with a rewards credit card to stack your savings even further.
    • Pro-tip #1: If you shop online, you can save even more by shopping through a cash back site, like TopCashback, which guarantees the highest percentage of your money back on qualifying purchases from over 7,000 stores nationwide, like Macy’s, Best Buy and The Home Depot.
    • Pro-tip #2: Download the free TopCashback Browser Extension to be notified directly in your browser when on a site offering cash back and coupons. That way, you’ll never miss out on any potential savings when shopping.