Beekeepers invited to attend workshop on managing Varroa mites


Varroa mites are the number one issue impacting the health of bee colonies. Managing Varroa in your bee yard should be a carefully planned, year round procedure. One important aspect of controlling Varroa is knowing the population of this pest in your hives to determine timing of treatments. A second important factor is verifying the efficacy of the Varroa treatments you use on your honey bee colonies.

We will discuss the biology of Varroa mites and honey bees and the modes of action of treatments, but this workshop will primarily be hands-on in our demonstration bee yard at the Currituck County Extension Office. We will demonstrate a variety of mite count methods during the workshop including powdered sugar roll, alcohol wash, and carbon dioxide treatment.

Two sessions of this workshop will be held on May 30, 2024, one at 12:00 (noon) and the other at 4:00 p.m. The material covered during each session will be the same, so sign up for the time that best suits your schedule. Please bring your own bee suit if you have one. We do have bee suits you can borrow if you do not have your own. This class is geared toward adult beekeepers. Youth over the age of 10 can attend if accompanied by an adult.

Questions? Call or email Cyndi Knudson: 336-908-9820;

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