5 things to know about winter weather forecasts

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As temperatures continue to drop exponentially, the Town of Kill Devil Hills is offering residents and visitors a variety of tips to stay in the know during the process of keeping warm:

  1. Snow or ice totals can vary greatly over short distances. A heavy snow band may form, dropping more snow in one location while significantly less snow falls just a few miles away.
  2. Winter forecasts can change frequently. Forecasts may change as new model data becomes available. Always check https://www.weather.gov/mhx/ for the latest information.
  3. Focus more on the winter storm’s impacts. Don’t focus too much on exact numbers, and consider the full range of possibilities.
  4. Know your winter weather terminology. If a Watch is issued, get prepared for hazardous weather. If a Warning or Advisory is issued, take action – hazardous weather is occuring or will occur soon.
  5. Rely on dependable sources for weather info.