2nd Annual Bra-ha-ha® in Elizabeth City set for September 30; Here’s how you support the cause!

The Elizabeth City Chamber of Commerce and the Chesapeake Regional Health Foundation will present the 2nd Annual Bra-ha-ha® in Elizabeth City on Saturday, Sept. 30, from 3-5 p.m. at Seven Sounds Brewing Company. Last year was a smashing success— we hope you’ll join us this year!

The Bra-ha-ha® is known as ‘A Seriously Uplifting Event’ and a one-of-a-kind fundraising experience! To enter the contest, groups, businesses, or individuals can celebrate survivorship and artistry by decorating a bra that tells a story, shares inspiration, or simply shows your creativity!

Proceeds from all Bra-ha-ha related events provide free mammograms and breast care services to those in need.

There are 10 steps needed to enter a bra:

1. Decide on a theme and design: Every great bra design starts with a concept! We’ve heard of bras being designed with Illustrator, AutoCAD or just pen and paper.

2. Register your work of art: Register your bra at BraHaHa.org/EC by Sept. 8. For an additional $25, bra-makers may choose to enter the Chesapeake Bra-ha-ha (registration deadline is Sept. 22), to be held on Friday, Oct. 13.

3. Purchase supplies, including a new 38C, back-closure, underwire bra: Shop, gather, order and decorate before the Sept. 21 bra drop-off deadline!

4. Plan your steps: Set out your bra and supplies, deciding what should happen first, second and so on.

5. Begin decorating: Now the fun begins! Begin adding each essential element one-by-one. Decorate your bra according to your original vision.

6. Ensure the bra is structurally sound: Be sure your bra art is well constructed and can be used on a mannequin – of If it wins, worn by a model. For a full list of bra entry rules and guidelines, please go to BraHaHa.org/EC.

7. What’s your inspiration? All entries must include a short paragraph/statement describing your inspiration for the bra. You can write something touching, nostalgic, funny— tell the story of what influenced you to create your bra .

8. Drop it off at Seven Sounds Brewing Co. Drop off your finished bra art to Seven Sounds Brewing Company (112 North Water St., in Elizabeth City), on Thursday, Sept. 21 between 2-7pm.

9. Attend the Bra-ha-ha at Elizabeth City. Join us Saturday, Sept. 30, at Seven Sounds Brewing Company from 3pm to 5pm for this seriously uplifting event! Buy tickets here. Last year was a lot of fun— we hope you’ll join us to see what the buzz is all about!

10. Attend The Bra-ha-ha® Awards Show & Auction in Chesapeake: Elizabeth City bra-makers can choose to keep their bra or submit it in the Chesapeake event, The Bra-ha-ha Awards Show & Auction, for an additional $25, on Friday, Oct. 13.