2022 commercial flounder season closing statewide in internal coastal waters

Southern flounder are one of three species of the flat fish caught in N.C. waters. [WalkingAngler.com image]

North Carolina’s 2022 commercial flounder fishing season in internal waters is coming to an end. The commercial flounder season is closing because the total allowable landings of flounder from internal coastal waters is nearly caught.

The commercial flounder season for gigs and hook-and-line in the Mobile Gear Northern Management Area will close at 6:00 p.m. on Oct. 28 because the quota is nearly caught.

This is the only flounder fishery still open in internal waters.

The commercial flounder season in the Mobile Gear Southern Management Area closed on Oct. 13.

The commercial flounder season for pound nets in the Northern Pound Net Management Area closed on Oct. 6. The commercial flounder season for pound nets in the Central and Southern Pound Net Management areas closed on Oct. 21 (Central) and Oct. 6 (Southern). Flounder pound nets, statewide, must be rendered inoperable.

The flounder season will not reopen in internal waters in 2022For more specifics on the commercial flounder season for internal coastal waters, see Proclamation FF-55-2022.

The recreational flounder season closed Sept. 30.

North Carolina’s southern flounder fisheries are managed under the Southern Flounder Fishery Management Plan Amendment 3. For more information on the management measures, see the Southern Flounder Information Page under Hot Topics.